Memoirs of Eden

The smell of that cheddar cheese aroma

Reminds me the picture of you

Riding on the train, muffled by your favorite bubbled coat.

It was then, raining outside

Dots of water drops messed the oriels

Burned the buildings and bridges from inside.

Like the plots of serialized novels,

I asked you to be my girl.

You twisted your neck, slowly

Like you’re trying to weigh if it is a yes or a no

Hehe. So as to say: Yes.

On summer, for we drifted apart, t’was the coldest.

You came to your Mama’s house;

I stayed somewhere to earn sufficiency.

We meet again, on the train, like it was the first time –

And the last time too.

You’re skin, as always, smelled like melted cheese

Burning with memoirs and oil

And you’re bones, fingered my face for the longest time.

For the last time.

I travelled alone; like forever

It rained, like the first time I saw you eyes

Marvelled with the mole I have at the right side

Of my lips; like the moment I kissed your cheek

And pretend you never saw it coming; it was all written

At the pacific moist of the wind panes we rode. We were

The ones who scribbled our fictional story.



But now, I can only see the happy scenes outside the train

It all burnt in front of me. I tasted something from my eyes,

like cheese.


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