Not another movie review

Movies can’t blame me. They’re so boring. Well, erm, I’m not generalizing all of them, best to say many of them.

          I’m not a movie geek. The fact that movies secretly command us to cry and laugh at times. I did watched movies sometimes (when friends insisted me), and I really found it so dull. With all movies I had been watched, only ¼ of them satisfied me a little. My eyes start to tire when I’m in the midway of the story. So yes, capital BORING.

          I compared movies to my own perception of love. Love has endings; endings that sometimes make you smile or laugh. It has interesting start on the very first scenes, but will bore you on a halfway.  Like movies, love is very predictable. Predictable in a sense that story lines of everybody else repeat on other people’s life. Holding hands, warm kisses tight hugs, blah blah and blah. Movies contained them all, and that makes it predictable. It is somehow good and romantic but I’ll repeat, it is boring!   

          Foreign and local movies, name it all, they’re all the same. They’re all making us hope that there is true love, that there’s someone out there will proposed a marriage on a train way, someone will die for you, someone will take care of you when you get older, and soul mates do exist. I don’t know, but these were all junks. Movies are unreal, same as love.

    11-21-10 (long ago, huh?)