Message sent!

They’re right. You’ll never know the real feeling if the situation wasn’t came yet. You’ll just understand things if you experienced them in action.

And yes, I was there. Puzzling my mind in distress while my new-laundered blanket covered my exhausted body. I wasn’t able to text my mom for three consecutive days. And woaaaah, she’s worried about me. She might thought I was slaughtered or did something, erm, bad.

“Why didn’t you text me? I was worried about you,” mom texted me around seven o’clock in the evening.

And the worst, I wasn’t replied right away because I was asleep. So she called and texted me without a response. I felt her being worried and hysterical that time I woke up and checked my phone.

“I’m sorry mom. I was asleep. Hm, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to text you this past few days, don’t worry I’ll text you more often starting today,” I replied.

“If texting me is a difficult obligation for you to do, well it’s better not to text me anymore,” she said.

I could not believe she just said that! And my heart was in a rush. I could feel the veins splitting down in my chest and releasing its heat which made me choke to death. Teary-eyed. I could not move easily. Guilt. Disgust. Oh men, I think it’s a major offence.

I sent S-O-R-R-Y thrice, but none of those got replies. I was so sorry that time, and I couldn’t help to cry. Maybe for some it was not a big deal but for me it was. I love my mom, so much you can imagine. Even she’s strict and perfectionist, I can say she’s the best mom in the world and no one can replace her tender loving care.

So starting today, I must say I understand things because of foolish experiences of mine. Even though I fucked up, well at least I learned. Isn’t it cute to think the thought that mom know how to “tampo” with you just because you didn’t text her? Small but sweet things are really appreciated like the bigger ones.

Too-toot. Too-toot. And my phone beeps! Message sent!




  1. Will of Heart · February 10, 2013

    your right on it, thanks for the reminders…. cheers… 🙂

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